Early 2004, Joffray leaves the band to travel around the world and Seub, old friend of the band’s, replaces him on bass duties.

At the end of 2004 David leaves France for Scotland (Glasgow) and another band’s old friend hops in Dave's job on vocals and guitar. He's called Nico Timmermans and he gives the band a sense of sharing and entertaining with the crowd.

In October 2011, Julien leaves the band to be replaced by Miché Dominici, a young talented drummer who toured in Corsica and on the French Riviera quite intensely for his young age. Although he’s mainly a drummer, he’s also a singer, a guitarist and a bassist. His energy pushes the band into electro furthermore.

In April 2013, Alex leaves the band to work on his new composition band MASHA’S DATCHA. So Waste asked young Tim Parisot to fill in as, again, a multi-instrumentalist (he’s been playing with the band in the past as a drummer) but mainly as a singer/guitarist. He’s young but, thanks to his time spent playing with his older brother MEDI on tour, he’s already quite experienced. He gives the band his soul, blues & funk background.

After all these evolutions, WASTE plays now an electro indie-rock style, but they can also share their talent with soul, funk or folk.
They played all around Europe and even in South Africa for the AfrikaBurn Festival.

They did many private parties like for James Blunt’s and Ed Sheeran’s weddings respectively in Ibiza and UK.

They play what they love and they try to show this during their gigs. This is how they give a unique experience for each concert, feeding the fact WASTE is one of the most demanded cover bands.

WASTE came from the union between ULTRA VIOLET (Aymeric Ardimanni on guitar, Joffray Ardimanni on bass and  Julien Orschek on drums) and David Leese (singer) in 2001.

ULTRA VIOLET had been working in pubs in the south of France and Italy between may 98 and september 2001 doing more than 600 gigs in three years while David Leese was playing his music in France and England for more than four years.

But in 2007, Nico, for personal reasons, can’t continue with his friends (he’s now in the band he created, FOUR KICKS) so they get a new recruit called Alex Bacon. He was previously the lead singer in the band OZCAR and he finds in WASTE a proper musical territory for his undeniable talent as a polyvalent singer.

In July 2012, the band has to lose Seub for many personal reasons and David Giacobetti, again, old friend of the band’s, takes the job during the summer. He’s a talented multi-instrumentalist who’s played many times with Waste in the past as, obviously, a bass player but he also plays drums, guitars and synths. Being one of the most talented bass player in France, he pushes the band on a level they would never have dreamed before.

The band has since played more than 2000 gigs in France, Italy, Corsica, Netherland, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, UK or South Africa.

The different musicians also recorded compositions albums under the names of KOMÄ, MEN ON THE HILL, MASHA’S DATCHA, THE SONS OF GUNS, DAVID ZINCKE, PAPERFACE or MEDI.

The band has always been a collective a musicians from Nice (David Giacobetti, Miché Dominici, Tim Parisot, Julien Orschek, Daniel Marsala, Fabrizio Morabito, Medi, Jack Daniel, Franck Borreill, Scott Richman, Olivier Ferrarin, Did Kwo, Lionel Mousseau, Marin Puhar, Seub, Lionel Turco, Stéphane Benguigui, Sébastien Bouland, etc...) with Ay at the centre as musical director, but the last 7 years have been pretty stable with a lineup including Julien Orschek on drums, Fabrizio Morabito on guitar, bass and vocals, and Daniel Marsala on bass, guitar and vocals.